About SIL

Nothing can dim the light which shines from within  – Maya Angelou

Tired of low carb, no carb, no sugar, never eat anything that taste good diets? Welcome to Strength In Light, where NO and LOW are never used and GO is always the answer. SIL nutrition programs are built with your crazy schedule in mind. We are not in the business of diets or rules. We believe that Strength In Light is a way of life and can become of part of yours too.  

Need your cereal fix? No problem. Can’t imagine a life without wine? I’m right there with you!  Working as a team, we will uncover YOUR strengths and turn them into tools to build a solid foundation transforming your mind & body.


What is Strength In Light?

Strength In Light is a concept derived from two core principles which lay the foundation for success with our nutrition programs.

Synonyms: courage, toughness, vigor, health, energy, moxie.

You will grow physically and mentally stronger as you work to develop and structure your life to provide the energy and confidence you need to achieve your goals. 

Synonyms: Luminous, rich, clear, radiant, glowing, ablaze.

Through small, yet effective, changes you will bring light to your circumstances and create a momentum that will drastically impact your behavior & lifestyle.  

The result when you find Strength In Light?  More energy, quality food, sleeping better, less stress, body awareness; You will find joy in everyday activities, and yes! you can have your favorite treats too!


Interested in our programs? Want to see how Strength In Light can add value to your life?