BACON and Cali turns 6

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Happy Birthday, Cali! Our baby girl is growing up so fast

And the grey hair already, not acceptable.

For those of you wondering who Cali is, well, she is our fur child. You can read more about her here. We try to take her with us as much as possible and we, or maybe it’s just me, will turn down opportunities to hang with her. 


Sorry I cant


Home girl is spoiled, which means she has had some great birthday parties over the years. A bone the size of her,

Cali on Bone

that time we made it rain tennis balls,

The beach, water, pool, heck she even loves puddles. 


human funfetti cupcakes. May or may not be my favorite cupcake, hence, Cali’s favorite cupcake. And these cupcakes! Head over to The First Year Blog to check out the recipe. 


Photo by Beth @ The First Year blog.

This year topped them all and it was thrown together last minute. A birthday party with other dog friends AND they got her birthday gifts. Seriously, the best dog friends ever. 

Birthday Party Celebration 

Morning: The game plan was to take Cali hiking and then hit up a brewery. Sounds like the perfect dog birthday, right? We spent most of our morning at the gym, per usual. A team WOD with the crew followed by some heavy lifting with JT. Meaning, JT was throwing around some big weight and I was …. too mesmerized to focus. 

We ended with a quick photo session repping our gym back in Richmond, Virginia. Clearly, I’m a pro at posing. What am I even doing?

By the time we left it was too late for a hike and the wind was kickin’. Instead, we invited a few dog parents for a little swim in the lake followed by cupcakes and drinks.

Don’t be silly, the humans didn’t swim, it was freezing outside. The dogs though. Cali and cooper, her bestie ( a yellow lab) , have ZERO chill when it comes to water, they made quite the scene.  


Originally, after the lake, we were going to do some patio sitting at a brewery but the sun left us and the temperature decided to plummet soo…. We turned to our trusty Fort Collins (foco) tour guides for another suggestion. Side note, we are fortunate enough to have met a couple who know Fort Collins (foco) very well, love food as much as we do, and are the proud owners of Cooper. 

William Oliver’s 

So, we headed to Williams Oliver’s for a little birthday celebration. Upon arrival, the manager came outside and graciously gave Cali a juicy piece of bacon for her birthday. This is a big deal, they are known for their bacon, they call their menu bacon-centric, and hand slice it everyday. Yes, Cali felt important.  We decided it was still too cold to be outside so we gave the dogs their cupcakes and got them settled so we could head in to warm up and grab a drink. 

The ambience of Wiliam Oliver’s is cozy, with couches, booths, and a cute bar covered with great decor. Once we were settled in our booth we ordered some cocktails. 

I went with the Bulleit Swizzle (Bulleit Bourbon, ginger syrup, fresh lemon juice, mint, and bitters. Garnished with house made candied ginger) and JT went with a whiskey flight. He wasn’t sharing.  

My cocktail was delicious, you could still taste the bourbon, it had just the right amount of sweetness, followed with the fresh mint taste. YUM.


We ended up ordering some appetizers and dinner after realizing the time. Again, this place is known for their bacon, so of course we got bacon for an appetizer served with a shot of Maple syrup. The Verdict, the best bacon I have ever had. WHOA. I can’t believe Cali got a piece of this. 


For dinner, I ordered the Smoked Salmon Salad and JT ordered the Bacon dog. I failed to take pictures of the food, I need to remember to take the photo before I eat, not after my plate is almost done. 

We will definitely be back and I will take pictures the next time around.  I highly recommend checking this place out. Perfect place to grab a fun drink, learn about whiskey, or date night. 

Anyone else a cancel plans for their dog? 

Wine or whiskey or nope?