FearFUL to FearLESS

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“Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.” – Brene Brown

Another workout, another gathering around the whiteboard, a typical day at our CrossFit gym. Some days are more challenging than others, whether mental or physical, I always walk out of the door a little stronger, a little more fearless. 


Motivational quotes that really get you going.

Maybe you read the word CrossFit and want to immediately discredit what I’m about to say, don’t, this isn’t about convincing you to drink the Kool-Aid. Of course, you cannot deny the physical gains made from the sport, however, CrossFit is far more about mental strength than it is physical. I believe it is one of the main reasons people keep coming back.  

You see, naturally, I’m fearful. I worry constantly,I overanalyze absolutely everything. This label I’ve stamped myself with, is just that, a label. I can let it define me or I can re-write my narrative.  Aside from prayer, CrossFit has helped me achieve that.


From strength, confidence, growth, and grit, CrossFit has changed my perspective, helped me develop attributes I am proud of. 

We really have two choices to make, let fear and a negative thoughts bring you down OR dig deeper, get uncomfortable, and feel empowered.

It’s all a matter of mindset, who are you in that moment, who do you want to be? 


On this day, I was fearful. I had been running the scenario through my head of how this workout would go down all day. Going through the list of reasons I couldn’t.

  • I’m not strong enough 
  • I’ve failed miserably on rope climbs so many times
  • I’m stressed
  • I will fail again

The workout on the whiteboard was no different than any other day, except for one factor, my mindset. Seriously, the quote couldn’t be more fitting. 

Fast forward to the class time. Warming up, I wasn’t ready for discomfort, I was going to scale, cruise through this thing, it would be fine. 


And then, our coach, an embodiment of what dedication and fearless looks like, approached my bar. Before I knew it, I was changing my weights, going for this workout as prescribed. 

Fear immediately kicked in, my one rep max is the last set of barbell movements in this workout, and you want me to do it twice?!!

How? Why? Are you sure?

Weird, my coach believes in me yet I immediately question my abilities. Not this time, I caught myself, stopped my mind from focusing on the COULDN’T. I felt a rush of confidence , I am capable, and I will do this regardless of the pain.  

It hurt. From the rope climbs to the snatches. I failed multiple times. I wanted to quit. I kept going. I wanted to cry. I kept going. I was the last one to finish the WOD.

I hit every single rep. I lowered the weights on the last two sets ( – 10 pds total ) due to too many failed attempts and poor technical movement, we practice safety first at our gym. I also went down so I could finish the workout. And guess what, I did. My entire body was shaking but I was so happy. 


Don’t get me wrong, this workout was physically exhausting, clearly from my failed attempts. Yet, the hardest part was staying in the game mentally, believing in myself enough to get back up and try again. The entire gym was circled around me at the end, cheering me on. How could I back down. 

I left the gym that night with a completely different mindset then when I walked in. I felt accomplished, proud, and so happy to be surrounded by people that challenge me on a daily basis. I was ready for another day at the whiteboard. 


The leggings I’m wearing in the photos are fearless, by Mellivora. 

Fun fact: Mellivora is a latin term for the honey badger.

The honey badger is a totally fearless animal, and no matter how small they are, they fear nothing. Fearless was Mellivora’s first print made. -Mellivora

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And if you live in the Fort Collins, CO or Richmond, VA area and want to try a CrossFit class out, click on the specific location for an awesome recommendation. If you have questions about CrossFit, send me a message or leave me a comment. I’d love to chat with you about it. 


Are you more fearful or fearless? 

What is one thing you do to keep a positive mindset?