Only Salsa Recipe You Will Ever Need

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Our household LOVES Mexican food. Endless chips and salsa, DUH. My husband can house a bowl of chips in a matter of minutes, quite impressive, actually.  Salsa motivation

We recently went out to eat at our first Mexican restaurant in Fort Collins. We chose, Los Tarascos  , based off of Yelp reviews and location. The atmosphere was really cute and had a cozy feel. We were sat within five minutes of arriving, the best part, the a salsa bar, winning.

The food was your standard Mexican menu options, I had the chicken street tacos, the chicken was full of flavor and surprisingly moist, I was impressed. I was going to forgo Margaritas that night until I read the description, made with their in house mix, fine, I’ll try it. From the first sip I could tell, they weren’t lying, again, another win. Overall, we enjoyed our visit. We will try out different places around the area but they are definitely a safe bet. 

los tarascos


Mexican at home

Now, all about how we re-create delicious, healthy, Mexican! We make Mexican often because prep is easy and the combinations are endless. Burritos, tacos, salads, enchiladas, nachos, you name it, I’ve probably tried to make it. The challenge, finding restaurant style salsa that actually taste like the real deal.


Guess what, I’ve gotten pretty darn close. 

There are a few staples we always make with Mexican and can be incorporated into different meals throughout your week. Really, you can’t go wrong with Mexican food, except for beans, you can go terribly wrong with beans …. OH MAN, we won’t go there. 


Our favorite Mexican staples 

  • GuacamoleAmbitious kitchen recipe . I used a red onion instead of white and left out the Jalapeno. You can eat this with anything. Eggs, chicken, steak, toast, carrots, tortilla, a spoon. 

  • Only Salsa recipe you’ll ever need


Only Salsa you'll ever need
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  1. 1 28 oz can whole tomatoes
  2. 1 8 oz can Rotel
  3. 1 Jalapeno ( seeded)
  4. 1/2 yellow onion
  5. S & P to taste
  6. 1 bunch cilantro
  7. 1 lime
  8. 1 tsp garlic powder ( optional)
  1. Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Taste and add more S&P as needed.
  2. Refrigerate immediately.
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  • Corn Tortillas  – Haven’t found a favorite yet. There is a place in Fort Collins,  Tortillas Las 4 Americas, we want to try, huge stack of fresh tortillas for $2.50, can’t beat it.
  • Chips – Loving the Trader Joe’s Lime Tortilla chips lately. 

TJ lime tortilla


This week, I tried something new with Mexican. I wanted to test out Fajitas made in foil packets. I was curious to see how well they cooked. Second, if it was a feasible option when we go camping. Like I’ve said before , I’m not a diva when it comes to camping, except for when it is freezing and food is involved. I’m not eating freeze dried, insert gross here, I don’t even know what is in those things. I’m also not eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner, protein, where you at?!

I want a good meal. Healthy, warm, satisfying. 

I was surprised with how great they turned out. My picture is pretty awful, doesn’t do it justice.  I’m working on these photography skills of mine. Looking into a real camera and reading on basics. Please, send help! I think this is going to become a go to for nights we need a quick, stress free meal. 

Fajita Foil

Foil Packet Fajitas
Serves 4
Camp friendly, macro friendly meal in 30 minutes
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  1. Raw chicken tenderloins ( We used two packets from butcher box - about 2 pds)
  2. 1 whole bag of mixed peppers or 3 peppers - red, yellow, orange sliced
  3. 1/2 red onion
  4. 1 packet taco seasoning ( I used Trader Joe's )
  5. 1-2 limes
  6. 1 tablespoon olive oil
  7. Foil
  8. Optional
  9. - cilantro
  10. -guac
  11. -tortillas ( we use corn)
  1. Pull out 4 foil sheets. Set oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Coat chicken in taco seasoning. Evenly distribute chicken and peppers to foil packets.
  3. Dribble olive oil on your chicken pepper mixture, you may need more than 1 tbsp, depends on your dribble. Squeeze 1/2 lime over each packet. Fold up so meat and peppers are completely enclosed. Place foil packets on a baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes.
  4. Garnish with cilantro, limes, and whatever toppings you wish.
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Now that you know about our love for Mexican food, I’ll have to share some of the products we use that make prepping easy peasy. 


What is your favorite Mexican dish? 

Do you prefer Yelp or Tripadvisor for reviews?