New {State} of mind

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Over 1,700 miles in two days and few too many biscuits, we made it, ColoRADo.


First Hike – Excuse me for a second, over here trying to catch my breath. I didn’t think I was that out of shape, H-E-L-L-O elevation. Does it ever get easier? 



Silver grill Cafe

Silver Grill Cafe – Cinnamon Roll toast, this is not a joke. If you live in FOCO area, run.


Virginia to Colorado

VA to CO

Great gift , from great friends 


My husband and I recently re-located to Colorado from Virginia, a state I called home for 29 years. The love we share for the lifestyle Colorado has to offer was where our idea originated. However, we didn’t just drop everything and bolt. There was a process involved, pros and cons list, visuals of different scenarios, advice from our mentors and closest friends. After evaluating, every answer pointed us to Colorado. And then it all started happening, quickly, oh so quickly. In four short months we sold our house, donated  75% of our belongings, said goodbye to two of the best communities we’ve ever been a part of, and headed out west. 

Sogo Crossfit

SOGO CrossFit, one of our favorite places in Richmond, VA. We love you. 



Home is wherever Im with you

Special gift on so many levels.



How was it you ask?!?

Well, let me start by saying it was EVERY.SINGLE.EMOTION. you could imagine.

We, meaning I, cried my eyes out, we were joyous, we were anxious, we were over it, you name it, probably had the emotion at some point. Our biggest adventure yet. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and realize God has a much bigger plan for us, we are ready to embrace it. 





With change, comes challenge. We’ve been here a month, I am just now starting to get my groove on how my days are structured. It’s weird, I so desperately wanted to get away from a schedule.  Disrupt it for a whole month, all I want now is some type of schedule. I’m crave consistency.

Besides the obvious change, I vowed to make a few changes personally as well.  Starting this blog was one of them. A dream I’ve had for so long, has now become a reality. A constant reminder to find strength in light, be the person you wish to see more of in the world, help others, and live a simple, more purpose-filled life.  

Horsetooth Sunset


I will be the first to tell you, I easily get caught up in fear, fear of everything, it can be debilitating at times. Doubt, lack of confidence, pride, control, all creep up, just when you think you’re starting to get somewhere, smack, you’re knocked right back down. Time to let go , time to move on. Life is too precious to constantly be worrying about what everyone else is doing or feeling, it is time to re-focus, embrace the light, pour into the community, and pour into God. 


Strength in Light


be the change quote


My intentions for Strength In light are this, I want to help women change their view on food, cooking, their body. I want to share my experience, real life meal prep days, let’s be real, meal prep is messy, don’t let those pretty images fool you. The clean up .. UGH. The best days, the days we struggle, and all those raw moments in between. My hope is that I can help women like you, find strength in light too. 

Love ya,