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One-time Consultation


For those of you who have a very good understanding of nutrition, your goals, and how you want to achieve them. You currently track in a nutrition app (my macros, MyFitnessPal) or you are familiar with how to track. You are looking for a little assistance on recipe ideas, accountability, specific nutrition advice or maybe just a tweak to your current nutrition routine to give you that competitive advantage.

  • 1- 2 hour one on one (in person, skype, phone, email)
  • Individualized macro breakdown(s), customized to reach your goals. (active, massing, weight management, fat loss)
  • Recipes & advice to help you reach your goals
  • Guidelines to stay committed to your program
$35  - Limited time


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Strong Package


Ready to endure weeks of knowledge packed, value filled, growth with potential to change the rest of your life? The Strength  package includes everything the Light package has to offer + 100% customized meal plans to take the guessing out of meal prep while learning the basics of nutrition.  From restaurant recommendations, girl/guy night, traveling, to family demands we will customize a plan to let your strengths shine while giving you the confidence to lead a lifestyle you’ve always wanted.  

(meal template provided weekly based off of communication and can be adjusted as needed)

  •  Initial assessment
  •  personalized macro breakdown 
  • Option - No macro tracking involved
  • Weekly grocery lists with recommendation for the best deals

  • Weekly progress dashboard with two check-ins per week (your preference on phone, email, in person)
  • Accountability & encouragement to fit your personality.
  • Weekly goal setting
  • Weekly customized meal plan to fit your macros (3-5 new recipes a week)
4 week commitment - $ 139
8 week commitment - $129


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Light Package


You have a general idea of nutrition and quality food sources. You understand the difference between protein, carbs, & fat and you are aware an Oreo is not a substantial source of nutrients.  You have counted macros in the past, understand the concept of counting macros, or you currently count macros. You feel stuck, confused, defeated and/or don’t have the time to figure out meals every day. The Light package takes the research & guess work out of the equation. Your initial macronutrient breakdown (s)  will be provided with your goals in mind.  We will adjust macros as needed to achieve your ultimate end game ( Had to throw T-swift in). 

  • Initial assessment
  • Personalized macro breakdown to achieve your goals
  • A day in the life personalized macro breakdown for your reference
  • New recipes each week
  • Grocery list & meal prep cheat sheet
  • Goal setting
  • One formal and one in-formal weekly check-in to discuss any questions, provide advice, adjust plan, and review client dashboard. 
  • Accountability & encouragement to fit your personality. 
8 week commitment $79/month

12 week commitment  $73/month

6 month commitment $ 69/month
**couples discount  

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