October is for Planning & Snow

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Wow, October in Colorado is a tad bit different than the October I’m familiar with. Two weeks in and we already have snow! I’ve already rocked my busted Uggs, I’ve started boxing up all my spring and summer clothes, and now the snow boots are out. Summer, BYE

horsetooth snow

There are great benefits to colder weather though, I treasure my coffee and tea more. I’m constantly walking around wrapped in a blanket or a sweater, you don’t know because they look the same, comfort first people.  The colors on the trees are gorgeous right now.


I can drink my favorite fall and winter beer, all about those stouts ya’ll. 

black bottle


October is also my month for efficiency. The first month in Colorado I constantly felt overstimulated, I couldn’t focus, I had the urge to always be outside, or constantly doing something, in reality, I wasn’t achieving as much as I wanted. 

I was on and off with how detailed I planned out my weeks, if at all.  I’ve realized I easily let things slip by if I don’t write them out. The past month I’ve started I’ve buckled down and started utilizing every aspect of my planner.

My planner is from Plum Paper, a recommendation from a few wonderful ladies at church who have crazy schedules and run their own show. Very inspiring people to have in my life. 


I plan out the basics of my week on Sunday. Each afternoon when I’m done with work, exercise, blog, nutrition, I will  update the following day so I don’t skip a beat in the morning. After my coffee, of course. 

Plum Paper

Now that I work from home, added a blog and a nutrition course to my life, I live by my planner. My grocery list, reminders, random thoughts that pop in my head, motivational quotes, sometimes I write these things out right down to the amount of time I’m allowed to spend on each. This planner is easily becoming one of my favorite purchases. 

You can customize your planner to fit your specific needs, mine has a monthly section for goals, events, and things to remember. I set three challenging, yet attainable, goals in three different areas of my life each month. I then review them each week as I plan, just another friendly reminder to keep moving toward those dreams. 


In the things to remember section, I write down one bible verse. Each month I’ve challenge myself to remember the verse, quote it when I’m feeling doubtful or anxious, and apply it to my everyday life. This month I’ve decided to take a step further and read the book the verse is in as well.

This month I chose the verse Mathew 7:7. I’m using a plan in YouVersion bible app  to complete the book of Matthew by the end of October, the plan I’m doing is very simple and I get updates on my phone everyday so I don’t forget.

Other ways I stay connected right now are through daily devotionals with  Proverbs31  and She Reads Truth.

Matthew 7:7

I still consider myself very new in my faith. By exposing myself to the bible in manageable pieces, and then taking that information and applying it to my daily life,  I retain what more of what I’m reading. I find it to be the best way for me right now to continue developing better habits and grow in my faith.  

Hand written planner or online? 

Are you all about pumpkin spice or nah?

Do you have a bible app you love?


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  1. Linda Gaura

    I know i am married to Technology Man- but i love a paper calendar/planner. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • Wnk505

      There is something therapeutic about writing everything out! Thank you for reading.