Friday Finds

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I hope everyone has fun plans for this weekend, and by fun, I classify staying at home and doing nothing just as fun as as an adventure. 

Do you ever have those moments on Friday morning when you are ready for the weekend, you feel accomplished and then all of a sudden, you remember 20 things you wanted to get done before Saturday… OHH the agony. You sit there scrambling for a good ten minutes, wondering how you forgot, how will you get it done, and then you remember, you’re human, and things happen.

Priorities, clearly it wasn’t one. Time to move on, remember, IT’S FRIDAY! I have some delicious recipes to share with you along with a few other goodies. 




Well Fed: Paleo Pad Thai – One of JT’s favorite dishes, it is a frequent request in our house. I’ve made it with zucchini noodles, Spaghetti squash, and rice noodles (not paleo) , all delicious. 

PaleOMG: Red Thai Beef Curry –  AHHMAZING! Better than take out.  We added rice to ours so that throws out the paleo idea. You can do it either way. 

FoodFaithFitness: Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Dip with Cauliflower – Planning to make this for the football games on Sunday. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Flapjacked cookie

Photo from Flapjacked website

ha, I didn’t want you to think I miraculously learned how to take such a great photo. 


flapJacked Cashew chocolate chip cookie skillet – Protein + cookie, no need to explain further.

***If you haven’t tried flapJacked pancake and waffle mix, you should, order on Amazon or check your local grocery store. I love having the mix around for a breakfast within minutes.  The pancakes are fluffy, not too dry, and come in a variety of flavors. You wouldn’t know you were eating a protein filled pancake unless someone told you.  

Macro breakdown for 1 serving for you folks who are curious (1 serving )- P: 20 C: 20 F: 3.5

Trader Joe’s Cauliflower pizza crust –  It has taken me a while to find this gem, I understand why now. The crust is surprisingly good, holds together nicely, and could be a single serving if you really want it to. Like on date night with your significant other, low carb pizza for each of you, a little wine (carb refill) , and some movies. Yes, please. 

Pizza Crust


ahh, yes, this one was my photo. See that shadow and the crooked box. #Nailedit

MACRO breakdown for 1 serving   – P: 1 C: 17 F: 0  

Macro breakdown for 6 servings ( the whole thing) – P: 6 C: 102 F: 0 (don’t act like you weren’t curious)

Other great Friday Finds

Lululemon Jet Cropped leggings – The we made too much section on Lululemon’s website is my favorite. These leggings are like dressy sweatpants. Seriously, you can wear them anywhere and they are so comfortable. 

Proverbs31 Online bible Study – The next one starts November 6th, Anxious for nothing, yup, how did you know? 


Qalo – The brand that makes you forget about your wedding ring. Really, I  don’t remember the last time I wore mine. Prior to my purchase, I bought a four pack of silicone rings because they were $7.00. They lasted me a little over a year but they would always fall off, I have found them in our fridge multiple times, not sure what that even means.

Now, I understand the quality of Qalo, I LOVE THEM!  I bought the gold one with breathing holes, great for workouts, no sweat, no suffocation. 

Hope you enjoyed!  Have a great weekend! 

Have you seen Friday Night Lights? Did you love it? 

Anyone have experience with an online bible study?