Quick Weekend Recap

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As I continue to define the direction of Strength In Light, I can’t help but incorporate some insight into my life. I started this blog for many reasons, a main one being, I want to help others. In doing so, building relationships and creating a safe place to learn, laugh, and encourage each other is part of that. I hope by sharing, you grasp a better understanding of who I am, and this weekend was something that needs to be shared. 


Yes, I know, it’s almost been a week now. SUPER late on this. Still trying to figure out blogging. For instance, yesterday I started a post at 5:00 AM , I didn’t get back around to it until 6:00 PM. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. 


A pretty standard morning – Coffee, Cali and then headed to the gym for a Saturday teamer. On the way home we picked up a few candles from Bath and Body works, Marshmallow Fireside to be exact, the only candle you will ever need. 

We finished off the day exploring Old Town, Fort Collins with an awesome couple we met at our gym. These two know Fort Collins well and doubled as our tour guide. A pinball arcade with four person Pacman and free popcorn, YES!




Alarm went off at 3:00 AM, we managed to roll out by 4:30 AM, coffee in hand. Tis the Elk rut season and I was determined to see some Elk. 


It was unbelievable….. far exceeded my expectations.


Rocky Mountain National Park is beautiful and the Elk were so active. I highly recommend putting this on your bucket list of things to do in Colorado. 


After watching the Elk do their thing for awhile, we hiked  Cub Lake Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park.  During our hike we were rained on, snowed on, and hailed on, no big deal. It was GORGEOUS! I didn’t care.

What fun adventures do you have planned for this weekend?