Hi! I'm Whitney Taylor, custom to a life of yoga pants, multi-tasking, and daily mishaps, mostly fueled by coffee (sometimes wine).

about me

Strength In Light

Strength In Light was created as an outlet to share my experience as I strive to cultivate a healthy, simple, purposeful life.

Filled with meal prep, craft beer, workouts, my journey through faith, and so much more, my hope is that this blog resonates with women from all walks of life, to encourage and empower each other to be the best version of themselves, be the light.













My husband, JT, and our four-legged child, Cali, recently relocated from Virginia to Colorado, acclimating to a new altitude and lifestyle. I’d say it was love at first site, even if we were out of breath walking to our doorstep. Get familiar with these two, you will hear about them often.

















Eating it, growing it, cooking it , buying it, if it involves food, I want in. I've always been fascinated with food, I would consider myself a connoisseur of all things delicious and nutritious, and I will share all of my endeavors with you on this blog.

More important than knowing where the best burger joint is, I am your number one advocate for living a healthy, balanced, lifestyle. Meaning, kale has it's place, and so does buffalo chicken pizza. I believe the foundation to achieving a healthier lifestyle starts with empowerment and mindset.  When we direct our thoughts towards positivity, strength, and willingness to change, we open ourselves up to a whole new perspective on how we view food.

Vibrant, strong, satisfied, you and your food should reflect this. My desire is to help women discover a sustainable approach to living a healthier lifestyle through awareness and a little kitchen love, I want you to radiate light, to discover your healthiest, happiest self. If you are interested in my journey, or want to know more about the nutrition programs I offer, check me out, no really, do it!


Triathlon I was the scrawny girl in college.  I ran half marathons for fun, until I fractured my pelvis. How? You ask. On a long run during my marathon training. Long story short, I was diagnosed with Osteopenia at age 24. At the time running clearly wasn't an option.


Running is life, how else do you exercise?                                                                                                                      As devastated as I was, it was a blessing in disguise. I went on to find triathlons, for a season, or four, and then…. dun, dun ,dun, CrossFit. You may be tempted to close your browser right now. I promise you, this is not another “join the cult” speech, but really, you need to check out your local box. After three solid years of CrossFit, mixed with a few strength cycles, my bones are, insert, "Stronger"  lyrics by Kelly Clarkson.  Bye, Osteopenia. Not only do I  believe you should  build physical strength for your overall health, strength is mental, strength is empowering, strength cultivates the light around you. 

You can learn more about my fitness journey here.


Ahh, yes, the light I continue to speak of. My life completely changed when I began investing time into my faith. I cannot claim I've read every page of the bible, I've not memorized the names of the books, however I do know, my mindset on life transformed when I made the decision to prioritize God. Period. Friendships, marriage, personal growth, strength, confidence, all immeasurably more than I could imagine, through the life giving message of Jesus. (Thank you Hill City).

Hear more about my journey.


So, here’s to community, good food, soul crushing workouts, healthy, strong bodies, and all the light we can shine! Be light, my friends.